Quality Focused. Customer Driven.

    It’s been 122 years since Henry Baldinger’s neighbors enjoyed their first loaves of Baldinger’s bread. And the quality, tradition and integrity that kept Henry’s customers coming back still hold true today.

    Through four generations, our neighborhood of customers has grown to include many of the world’s premier food companies...and it’s simply because we still treat our customers like that friendly little bakery did so long ago.

    Today with a new state-of-the-art facility, our focus is still to provide expertise for all your bakery needs. Whether it’s buns, rolls, specialty items, retail market or microwaveable products, we can custom design that special bakery item just for you.

    See the “History” section to discover where we came from and the roots of our call to great customer service.

Please contact us, so we can put the Baldinger Ovens to work for you today!